Communal Living in Russia: Photos
Apartment III. Common Areas and Rooms: Objects on the table
  Two students rent this room together. One of them is Sveta from the clip "No Hallway, No Bath Either," Tour 4. 2006.
  Basic Facts and Background
  When: 2006

Where: The room of two students in a midsized apartment in the prestigious historical center of St. Petersburg.

What: In communal apartments, bath towels are usually kept in people's rooms (we see them on beds occasionally), and not left in the bathroom, where any random person might make use of them.

The students who are renting this room (see "No Hallway, No Bath Either," Tour 4) work at this table, on which we see Sveta's laptop. Near the electric outlet is a mosquito fumigator, which holds special insecticide coils. There are a great many damp basements in St. Petersburg, and in many buildings, mosquitoes bother people not only in the summer but all year round. In addition to coming through windows, they also enter through building-wide ventilation ducts.

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