Communal Living in Russia: Documents
From Police Archives: The official response to a complaint about theft
  The head of the police for the district responds to an old woman's accusation that her neighbors are stealing.
  Basic Facts and Background
  Together with another police response and a letter from the local administration, this document constitutes the official response to numerous written petitions and complaints which are provided in our materials (see an application about a robbery, a complaint about the neighbors' hostile behavior, a demand that the neighbors' room be searched, a complaint about an assault committed by the neighbors, and another similar document). The person who wrote this application has also penned dozens of other, similar ones.

On the one hand, harassment, robbery, and assault all occur in communal apartments. On the other hand, precinct police and psychiatrists are aware that the conditions of communal life exacerbate suspiciousness in older people, in some instances leading to delusions of persecution.

  Translation of the Russian Transcript
  To A.A.E—

St. Petersburg, M— St. 70-a, apt. 4

This is to inform you that your petition has been reviewed. Our examination did not reveal objective evidence supporting the claim that your neighbors were robbing you.

If there is disorderly conduct in the apartment please call the precinct inspector tel. 164— or else the on-duty officer at the 28th police division, tel. 164—.

V. Ch— Head, Central District St. Petersburg Division of Internal Affairs

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